Eternal Love of the Sea.

adjective |
1. lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning; impossible to measure or calculate. Derivative of amaranthine. synonyms: eternal, endless, boundless, timeless, limitless, infinite.
noun | 
1. an intense feeling of deep affection. Derivative of amar, Spanish for to love. synonyms: deep affection, intimacy, warmth, tenderness, endearment.
2. expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and surrounds its landmasses. Derivative of mar, Spanish for sea. synonyms: sea, ocean, deep, waves, foam.



AMARA is an independent, boutique label designed and manufactured in Tulum. A versatile, fashion forward, yet ultra functional line for the fearless yet feminine beach chic jetsetter.

The collection offers luxe custom prints and trendsetting colors, paired with bold silhouettes, peek-a-boo gaps and cheeky cuts. Reversible, convertible and mix & match styles allow our babes to get the most out of their suits while quality construction and fit are key factors in design decisions. The result? Effortless wearability.

The AMARA woman redefines femininity in her own way. She is never overlooked or ignored – her roar is too loud. She is comfortable in her own skin and projects a confident image. She enjoys the finer things in life and exudes elegance. She is well respected and enjoys being noticed for her impeccable style and radiant confidence. She thinks for herself – aloud. She will change the world.


AMARA cares about the planet and believes ethical fashion isn’t optional – it’s imperative. That's why we're committed to finding ethical & sustainable solutions across all aspects of our brand. Our fabric is manufactured in a green energy facility that works to reduce pollution, protect green spaces, preserve water, and monitor gas emissions. Made up of recycled nylon recovered from our oceans through the Healthy Seas Project as well as Xtralife Lycra for a bikini that's built to last. We're minimalists at heart and want to teach the world to do more with less. That's why all our styles are reversible and sometimes convertible too. Designed and made in Tulum by local artisans. We live here in the jungle, witnessing first hand a culture emerging. A community of artists and entrepreneurs with a desire to live an advanced lifestyle, harmoniously with nature, that engages the mind, body, and spirit. We're on a mission to do things differently, to evolve. Welcome to the revolution.  



The heart and soul of AMARA, Lisa Jackson, is a Toronto native and Tulum local. A passionate traveller, the designer has since given up the city life for warm sea breezes and international culture. Lisa found her verve for creation early in life, expressing herself through paint, makeup and music. With an education in art and her experience working on fashion editorials as a makeup artist, the evolution into a designer was a natural progression.

Inspired by her experiences in the industry and other creatives souls she encountered, the entrepreneurial spirit was born. Determined to start her own label, Lisa began the process of learning her trade; from sewing samples and pattern drafting to graphic design and production management. She did everything herself: producing photo shoots and fashion shows, and even building the website! This self-taught designers aesthetic is simple; clean lines, flattering cuts that enhance the female form, versatility and quality construction are key elements in her collections.

Lisa is passionate about creating a positive impact through the voice of the brand, keeping ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of her mission. She intends to use the success of the label as a catalyst into other creative endeavors in film and music. You can find her in eco chic Tulum, enjoying the turquoise waters, sandy white beaches and crafting her next collection. 


  XS S M L
RELATIVE SIZE 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10
BUST 32" - 33" 34" - 35" 36" - 37" 38" - 39"
WAIST 24" - 25" 26" - 27" 28" - 29" 30" - 31"
HIP 35" - 36" 37" - 38" 39" - 40" 41" - 42"



XS/S 34" - 36"
S/M 36.5" - 38.5"
M/L 39" - 41"


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